RBC space on concentric spheres

Hi, I’m using BEMPP to solve the Maxwell problem on two concentric spheres.

sphere0 = bempp.api.shapes.sphere(r=0.5, origin=(0, 0, 0), h=.2)
sphere1=bempp.api.shapes.sphere(r=1, origin=(0,0,0), h=.2)
grid = bempp.api.grid.union([sphere0, sphere1])

I would like to define ‘‘RBC’’ space on the grid which is the union of the two spheres
rbc_space = bempp.api.function_space ( grid , 'RBC' , 0 )
but i get an error
" File ~/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/bempp/api/space/maxwell_spaces.py:364 in rbc_function_space
raise ValueError(“BC spaces not yet supported on screens”) "

ValueError: BC spaces not yet supported on screens

Thank you for any helps.

Best Regards

Hi! We have a working version for this code. It is not available yet, but it will be soon.