Creation of empty grid

Hi all,

Could it be possible to initialize and empty grid? For spaces like:

grid=Empty ???

div_space = bempp.api.function_space(grid, “RWG”, 0)
curl_space = bempp.api.function_space(grid, “SNC”, 0)

Hi. That’s unfortunately not possible. Can I ask what the application is?


Thanks for the answer. The application is to model electromagnetic radiation from source poles (actually from multipoles, following the theory of multipole expansion).

For the time being I am starting without any actual boundary to check things. Eventually, I will add boundaries (grids).

As a work around, I have place a very small grid at the bottom of my 3D space. I believe that at least I can start working like this.

Eventually, there is a better approach to model poles placed at specific positions and moments?