Masters project ideas

Hi all, I just posted on github but maybe it makes sense to post similar question here too. I am currently masters student looking for the project for my masters thesis. I am enrolled in CS/Computer Engineering and I am interested in scientific computing, MPI, GPU architectures and such.

My mentor suggested I look into Fast direct solvers and I started reading Martinssons book which I think is great. On to my main question: what do you think, could you help me implement for example multilevel scheme for hierarchically block separable matrices(issue #51) or MPI support for large scale matrices (issue #50). Those are the topics I think I can help on.

I am open to discussing this is detail. Hopefully this all makes senseā€¦

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi Darko,

great that you are interested in these topics. What exactly is it that you are planning to do? How long do you have for your MSc thesis? Where are you studying? Maybe, we should continue this discussion privately. Just drop me a mail at