FMM Memory Usage Statistics

Dear bempp-cl team,

I would like to be able to track the memory usage (compression) for FMM assembly. In the older version of Bempp, the console logger reported both time per iteration, and memory compression for the H-Matrix.

Is there similar functionality available for the FMM? Time per iteration is easy to calculate, since bempp-cl already reports the total time for GMRES, and iteration count. Memory is more difficult. I can track this somewhat using /usr/bin/time as a wrapper, but I would like to have more detailed information.

If this isn’t aready avaiable in bempp-cl, could this be added?

I am using the latest docker bempp/cl-notebook.

Best Wishes,

Dear Derek,

This is not directly possible here as the FMM is in an extension library. The easiest to track your overall memory consumption is to call the python instance with:

/usr/bin/time -v python

This prints out statistics about peak memory usage once the run is over.

Hi Timo,

Thanks for the reply. I’l use /usr/bin/time .